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Things To Do For Myself Today #2

I found out that my mood change depending on the weather but I think it goes for almost everyone. However, the more sunny days, the more I feel better about myself. So, I am glad that spring is here. Do you know what I mean?

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An Ode To Being A Homebody In 20’s & A Few Favourite Essentials

Back then, at primary school, I was quite loud, ‘highly visible’ and active kid. Actually, there was no time when I stayed at home and feel boring.

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Things To Do For Myself Today #1

What about making Wednesday a half Sunday? Doesn’t sound good? Yeah, I think it does.

If there is one thing I learned at the university, it’s that you have to treat yourself good no matter what day or time is. Why should I wait until Sunday to finally calm down and take “me day”? Why?

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How To Live a Good Life Without Messing Up Your Karma

I don’t know what about you but I kinda have to agree with what they say: God’s mill grinds slow, but sure. Although, I am not so sure if it’s always true. From time to time it happens that life can be quite unfair to the wrong people. You know, as if it gives them some sort of lesson – to all of us.

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Don’t push yourself so hard

Don’t push yourself…
… because everybody says you should be more social, have a lot of friends and go out every Friday. There is the fact: you can’t be like this. At least, not everyday. Not when somebody tells you to do that. Be social when you feel like it.

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How I save and budget as a university student

Over time, I adopt a few ways how to handle my budget and spendings. It’s not so hard when you know how. Of course, your ways may be a little bit different but today, I would like to show you my way.

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