6 Powerful Things To Do When You Want To Beat Stress

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You have enough.

You do enough.

You are enough. – Anonymous

I bet you know the moment when everything around you is spinning, your blood pressure is too high and you’re going to  throw the whole lunch up. This moment is probably the exam time or you’re going to visit your doctor. We all know this situation but not all of us can handle it just well.

But everybody knows that being in stress isn’t good for the health at all and we all try to handle this by our own ways. Some of us bite his nails or nervously shake his legs (I do that). Although there are a lot of ways how beat the stress, there a few things we can all do and it can help us with stress.

Here is what to you when you are under stress.

1| Listen to music6 Powerful Things To Do When You Want To Beat Stress

It’s the most common way how to shake the stress from your body and relax. Find yourself a nice and calm music and let the stress go away.

Tip: A lot of nice and stress relief music is on Spotify. On my profile, there are some playlists with calm music. 

2| Go out

Where else to relax than in nature? Grab the blanket and go out. Go relax and relief the stress inside of your body. And don’t forget to be in the present. We know we have some duties and responsibilities but now it’s NOW and that exam or the speech you need to present is in the future. So, don’t forget to go out and be in the present.

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3| Make your favourite tea

Studies prove, that drinking a tea in the morning proves your immune system. There are a lot of kinds of tea for different sickness or mood. And I think a tea is a good choice if you feel really stressful. Choose your favourite tea and cookies and make yourself comfortable. And don’t forget to be NOW. 

4| Practice gratitude

As  we all in a hurry every day, we sometimes forget to stop and be grateful for what we actually have. So, if you feel stressful, just practise showing your gratitude and you will see that other people will much more positive around you.

5| Read one chapter of a book

The key of reading is starting your day with a little motivation and give you an encouragement. I can highly recommend you to try You are a Badass by Jen Sincero because this books really helped me to find my new boundaries.

6| Clean your living room

You’re kidding at this moment, right? No, I am not. It’s true. You know the situation when you have to do something important but you just start cleaning your room or the kitchen or your wardrobe? Well, do this when you feel stressful because it can help you find new thoughts and actually forget the stress.

Stress is only in our head and we are strong and have the power to beat the stress. So, don’t let it makes you insecure and face it.

Your turn: What can you recommend to beat the stress? Feel free to share it with me.

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6 Powerful Things To Do When You Want To Beat Stress


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