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I love China as much as India (maybe little less). I like Chinese culture and especially the nature. Some parts are very nice and breathtaking.

Some parts aren’t so nice, so sometimes I heard something like: “China is suck” or “They’re dog-eaters”, etc. I think and I always say it isn’t true and also I really don’t think so, they are much worst than other people or culture in the world.

But back to Lijiang. Maybe you’ve ever heard about this city. It’s a quite small city in Yunnan Province. But I don’t writing it because I want to give you a geography lesson, but as I said, it is one of my dream to get to Lijiang.

What I like on this city? Oh, there are a lot of things I want to visit. So, lets look at them.



Heilongtan Park is also one of the nicest thing in Lijiang.It’s also called Jade Spring Park.

Heilongtan Park

Jade Spring Park

Heilongtan Park with Dragon Mountains

You can take a drive on The Yangtze River



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  1. Just buy a ticket and fly there 😛

    • lucieek

      Yeah, except I hate planes and I haven’t much money yet. 😉 But I hope I will

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