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TRAVEL May 28, 2015 6 Comments

Italy haven’t been my cup of tea. Until today, when I found this incredibly cozy place – Capri.

I must confess, I am a quite romantic person. So when I saw this place I was thinking I want to get here one time.  When you’ll see the pictures you will want too. 

So let’s look at them.

(via Flickr)


(via Flickr)

Italy street

(via tumblr)

Blue Grotto, Italy

I want to be there.

Tiberio Place Hotel and Spa, Capri

Isnt’t it a romantic place? 

In my opinion, Capri is a stunning place, where you can just sit and feel good.

And meanwhile I was looking for pictures to Capri I found other nice places – Procida. One of the islands in the Gulf of Naples. But about it maybe in another article.


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  1. Realy nice place. We should visit it! 😛

    • lucieek

      Yeah, we should. 😛

  2. Italy is so beautiful and definitely looks romantic!

    • lucieek

      Right, I agree. 😉

  3. Great post. At the same time when visiting Capri, You could easily visit also Pompeii, Vesuvius and Sorrento.

    • lucieek

      I will, thanks for tips. 🙂

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