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Switzerland is beautiful country. One of my dreams is live there. Someday.

I don’t know excatly the reason why I chose Switzerland. But maybe it’s because people look satisfied. And one more reason – the nature is beautiful.

When I was searching for some places I will want to visit, I found this beautiful lake. And because I love water I needed it on my Travel Bucket List.

It is my favourite photo of Lake Thun. It gives the impression of coziness and calmness. What do you think?

On this picture I like the water – it’s nicely blue. And the mountains around the lake are amazing. Nice place for relaxing.

One of these housey is my future house.


Castle on the shores of Lake Thun (via braulio.mora)

So, you saw my future home, I hope you like it.

Have you traveled to Switzerland? What did you like about this country?


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  1. Your photos are very beautiful. Happy day!

    • lucieek

      Oh, thanks, but I must disappoint you, because these pictures are just from tumblr.
      PS: Have you ever been to Switzerland?

      • Thank you. Yes, in Geneve and Zürich.

  2. Urska

    Lake Thun is a beautiful place, but I personally prefer nearby Lake Brienz.

    • luciee

      Really? So you’ve been here?

  3. Urska

    Yes, I’ve visited both. Lake Thun is great for scenic views of castles with the mountains in the background while lake Brienz has equally amazing views to the mountains (minus the castles) and the most stunning colour of the water. They are really close, so if ever in this part of Switzerland, you should visit both. 😉

    • luciee

      I’ll definitely visit both. Thanks for tips! 🙂

      • Urska

        You’re welcome!
        Also, I’ve posted some photos from my trip to Thun previous summer. Take a look, if you’re interested. 😉

        • luciee

          Of course, I’ll do! 🙂

  4. vinneve

    Hi, love the photos! I was there in Switzerland last Sept.2013 and visited Thun just around town not the lake yet maybe next year as we hope to go again with the family as my husband is Swiss.
    Sure is Swiss people are proud and happy with their home country.

    By the way, I am nominating you for the Liebster award… not sure if you have been nominated before… I am onto it now so please check my blog later or tomorrow haha! Thanks 🙂

    • Lucie

      Firstly, thank you for your nominating me for the Lebster award. I really appreciate that.
      I envy you your visit in Switzerland. It is breathtaking ountry with nice people. So I hope you’ll visit it next year and you’ll make some nice photos. 🙂

      • vinneve

        Your welcome 🙂
        I have some nice photos of Switzerland but it doesn’t coincide with my theme of living here in UAE but if you look into my side widgets you can see some photos in Bern the other City famous for having a bear in the dungeon…when we visited the bear wasn’t there so wrong timing for us.. 🙂

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