5 YouTube Channels That Will Actually Make You Smarter

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Youtube Channels That Make You Smarter

There are a lot of super cool channels on the YouTube and every each of them is somehow special. But there are also channels, which bring you something new, something unexpected.

I’ve put a list together with 5 interesting channels that make me smarter!
So, let’s look at them.

#1 VOX

One of my favourite channels. You can find here a lot of interesting topics – from politics to animals. With cool graphics and simple English.

#2 TestTube News

‘How Powerful Is Ireland?’ or ‘What Is Interpol?’ and much more with TestTube News. It maybe will give you answers to your questions, that you ask yourself every day.

#3 The Richest

‘List Videos Of Mind-Blowing Facts’ – that’s The Richest. A channel full of strange and weird things you have probably never known.

#4 Alltime10s 

If you love list, then this channel is absolutely for you. List of 10 the most incredible/weirdest/dumbest…things you maybe don’t know about our world.

#5 Jeremy Jahns

You know I am crazy about movies. This channel is quite different from others but also interesting. It is channel full of movie reviews. Jeremy, the director of the channel, is full of sarcasm sometimes, but he knows how to bring it an entertaining way.

This is my list of my favourite channels.

What are your favourite Youtube channels? Feel free to share them with us.

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