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It has been a quite long time since last ‘Travel Bucke List’ article. So, I want to fix it and let’s look another dream place in my Bucket List.

Despite the bad situation in Greece, it’s still a nice country, that worth it to visit. Let’s look at some nice photos of this place.

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I’ve found this amazing photo. It’s really stunning!

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Kamari – a coastal village on Santorini.

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Little chatt with nice view.


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Greece 💙

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Breakfast at Atrina Traditional Houses in Santorini, Greece

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Good morning! Yummy.

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Please, one ticket to Greece. 

Have you ever visit Sanatori or Greece? Did you like it?


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  1. Exist only one way, how to help them. Visit their country and spend there our money 🙂

    • Lucie

      Yeah, you right.

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