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Yesterday, one of my little summer dream came true – I was in Vienna. A beautiful, clean and historical city. Once I would like to live here.

I discovered my weakness for this city on a primary school in ninth grade. Then I told myself I will comeback to here one day. And this day was 29th July.

If I should name a few things, which I like about Vienna, it would be definitely cleanness of the city and of course the historical view.

Sweet ViennaOur first stop was Schwarzenberggarten.


DSC02158 (2)

Sweet ViennaThis part was just amazing! It was like a little island on the main highway. A lot of small shops with a lot of goods. And you can also find here many restaurants with a nice service.



Wiener Staatsoper

Vienna TramsI really like trams in Vienna. They look so old school.Vienna ParlamentOf course we didn’t miss Parliament building.

Saint Stephen's CathedralI love Saint Stephen’s Cathedral. It’s my favourite place until yesterday. But the crowd in the cathedral was really really annoying. I mean people were loud and I think in these type of places you may be quiet.Saint Stephen's CathedralVienna Street

StadparkOne of the most beautiful park I’ve ever been. So many inspiration things there.


ViennaOn the end we went look to really strange part of Vienna, where the houses looks very funny. Museum HundertwasserWelcome to Museum Hundertwasser! Musem of strange art.DSC02224 (2)Museum HundertwasserMuseum Hundertwasser

Hundertwasser VillageReally imaginatively I think.Hundertwasser Village

Hundertwasser Village

Hundertwasser VillageThat’s all from my Walking in Vienna. I hope you like it.

Have you ever been to Vienna? If so, what is your favourite place? 


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  1. We should to visit Vienna again! That was awesome.

    • Lucie

      Yeah, I hope so! 🙂

  2. Looks amazing, I’d always overlooked Vienna really and just not thought about it, beautiful pictures!

    • Lucie

      And also IS amazing! 🙂 I hope you get here soon! And thank you.

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