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Hope you have nice Tuesday!

It’s been quiet long time since I’ve add Travel Bucket List post. But don’t worry, I am here to fix it, guys! So make some tea (Chinese?) and get comfy, because we just getting started. 

I was wondering what next destination I will want to visit one day. And as you may noticed, I’ve chose China (yeah, again). This country has so much to offer (and not only goods ‘made in China’).

The Wulong Karst is a karst located in the northeast of Wulong County. And for movie lover: If you saw a movie Transformers Age of Extinction, you would propably remember that this karst appered here.

But now, finally, let’s look at this amazing place.

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I like that little square in the middle of the karst. It looks so cozy.


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Would you like some tea? Maybe you also know delicious Oolong tea, which has really good taste. I’ve tried it and it tastes good

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You can take a nice walk by the river and make your day little nice. It’s so beautiful. 

So that all from our tour. I hope you like it and leave me some your impressions. Have you ever visited Wulong Karst? 


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  1. Wow! This place looks absolutely incredible!!!!

    • Lucie

      Excatly! 🙂

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