Travel Bucket List | Bhutan: Paro Taktsang

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Travel Bucket List: Paro Taktsang

Hope you have nice Sunday, friends!

I have some kind of travel mood, so I’ve decided to make another Travel Bucket List post! Are you happy? Are you? I am. 

Even today we’re going to stay in Asia. Our destination is a small country in South Asia – Bhutan. More precisely we are going to visit prominent Buddhist sacred site – Paro Taktsang (it is also known as Tiger’s Nest). It’s an impressive complex from the 17th century.

I really love this view, although my fear of heights is soo big! So, I think we should start our tour.

I like these colourful flags!

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…a little closer. So cozy.

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Soo magic! I really want to go there one day.

I think it’s all from our tour. I hope you liked it. Leave me your thoughts here.

Have you ever visited Buthan? Share with us. 


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    • Lucie

      Yeah, it’s really nice! In fact, I think these flags are called Prayer Flag. It’s typical for Himalayas. 🙂

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