20 Things I Love About Winter

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Things I Love About Winter

Hope you have nice and snowy Sunday, guys!

It looked like there will be a lot of snow, but now it’s all gone. Anyway it snowed yesterday and I was so exited! I LOVE winter more than any season! Maybe somebody thinks that’s not true and winter is just about Christmas, moeny, gifts, money and dejection. But it’s not JUST about Christmas and gifts, but also about the cosy and magic atmosphere and making yourself comfortable. That’s what I love most.

Therefore I’ve made my another list with 20 Things I Love About Winter.  Maybe you will find here something you love too. Let’s find out.

  1. Snow Surprisingly
  2. Mantle of snow
  3. Christmas lights
  4. Nice – smelling candles aah, cinnamon
  5. Orange smell
  6. DIY Christmas decors
  7. Hot (roasted) tea and warm socks
  8. Evening walk in the snow
  9. Walking in snow
  10. Decorate the Christmas tree
  11. Baking Christmas cookies
  12. Eating Christmas cookies my favourite part
  13. The day before Christmas
  14. New start have you already your New Year’s resolution?
  15. Hot cocoa
  16. Holiday playlist
  17. Sparkles
  18. Giving gifts
  19. No school = no stress
  20. First walk in the snow with my boyfriend

So, I hope you found at least one thing you like about winter. What is your favourite thing about this season. Share with us. 

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  1. Julie

    I love baking in general during the holiday seasons. Looking back, I think October to December is the only time I bake. I think I may need to bake more.

    • Lucie

      Yeah, baking is nice part of Holiday. 😉

  2. Summer Daisy

    Really nice things to love about winter♥


    • Lucie

      Thank you so much Summer! 🙂

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