First Thoughts That Comes Into Your Mind Whilst Doing Yoga For the First Time

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The pose begins when you want to get out of it. -Anonymous

Yoga became a part of my life for a moment and I felt really good doing this but when you’re a beginner, you can feel quite uncomfortable. Here are a few thoughts that may come into your mind whilst do yoga for the first time.

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Hope I am doing it well.

…yeah, like a professional.

I should buy some yoga clothes! 

Concentrate, concentrate…hack that is so hard. 

Damn, I look so hot in these yoga pants!

I’m so freaking zen!

This yoga music is cool! No, no. You need to be concentrated! Ommmm.

While I am doing ‘Tree Pose’: Ok, that’s easy…one leg here…hands like this…I got it! No, no…do not fall! Focus!… God damn it. 

Should I breathe or something? 

While I am doing one of the strange yoga poses: Hope, that nobody will come into my room right now.

Oh my God…I must tidy up my room!

Please, help me…It freakin’ hurts! I swear I’ll never ever do this again!

Laying down? Nema problema. I like this kind of yoga. 

Yoga is something that really helps relief stress and gets this sh*t out of your head. So, don’t be lazy and try yoga too. You will be surprised what yoga can do.

What was your first thought whilst you did yoga for the first time? I am looking forward to hear them all.

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First Thoughts That Comes Into Your Mind Whilst Doing Yoga For the First Time


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  1. great post. My first thoughts were : why do i do this again? 😄 But I keep doing it and it is really great exercise. It is all about breathing 😊

    • Lucie

      Thanks! 🙂 I must agree with you. I do this only few days, but I think it’s really great for my body. 🙂

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