Why I Started Drinking Lemon Water and You Should Too?

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About one month ago I started to drink a lemon water and I must say that it was a good choice.

Honestly, I have never been that drinking-water guy. On the contrary, I didn’t drink more than three small cups of water per day. But one day I had a blackout (actually, it happened to me more times) and had really bad headaches. I became much more tired and irritable. And at that time, I said to myself STOP and found out it is not good for my body anymore.
So, today I drink more water and I want to give you a few reasons why you should too.

#1 It’s good for digestion

In the morning, before you have a breakfast, it is good to drink one bottle of lukewarm lemon water. It is good for starting up your digestion system. Why lukewarm? If you take a bottle of cold water it is quite shocking for your body and then the body must expend all its energy to ‘heat’ the water. So lukewarm, don’t forget.

#2 It makes your immune system stronger

Lemon has is a big resource of vitamin C which is needed for the good immune system. It protects your body from harmful substances.

#3 It boosts your energy

Before I started to drink the lemon water I was always tired and didn’t have much energy for doing anything. I came home and go sleep because I couldn’t concentrate. Now, I feel really good even I come from school or work.

#4 You can combine it with your favourite ingredients (plus it looks good)

If you are an Instagram addict and take photos of your bottle of water every day then you will appreciate you can combine lemon with other ingredients, such as strawberries, blueberries or also cucumber slices. Whatever you like you can create a really good combination.

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 #5 It is healthier

More than any sugary beverages (e.g Coca-Cola or Sprites). So when you try losing  your weight you should drink lemon water because it helps you with it. Besides it looks better on Instagram than Coca-Cola bottle, isn’t it? 

So I hope that these reasons will convince you trying this. Are you a fan of lemon water or you have something else which boost your energy? Let me know in comments.

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  1. Drinking lemon water is the best decision someone could make! there are endless benefits, love this!

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