3 Yoga Poses That Boost Your Energy

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I am by no means a yoga expert. So, I am not going to give you yoga tips or teach you how you should breathe properly.  Actually, I still learning this breathing part and I must say when I started doing yoga, I didn’t know how hard it will be to concentrate on myself or even stay still (and what am I thinking about during my yoga moments? You can find here).

So although, I do yoga only for a few weeks, I’ve found myself a couple yoga poses, which start up my day in a right way. I think everybody knows these poses but maybe there are some of you who don’t do yoga and maybe this will convince you to try it.

1 | Child Pose (Balasana)

childs pose.jpgvia LoveMyYoga

Ok, so this is my most favourite pose. As the name suggest, it really looks like a children fetus inside of a mother. This pose is good for a backache or calms down the nervous system.

How to do it: Find yourself a nice place and start with kneeling on your hands and knees. Then rest your chest on/between your knees and stretch your arms forward (it’s also possible to lay your hands next to your body with palms up). Your head can lay on your knees or on the floor. Don’t forget to breath (inhale and exhale).

Tip: I also saw you can use a big pillow, which you put between your belly and knees. It is really comfortable too.

2 | Downward dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Besides starting your day correctly, you can use this pose also for stretching chest, shoulders or legs or even more, it stimulates your blood circulation.

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How to do it: Firstly, come onto the floor on your knees and hands. Your middle fingers should point forward with other fingers spread. At first, you can keep your knees little bend if it’s more comfortable for you – then you should stretch the knees.

Tip: I do inhaling and exhaling in my way – I inhale when I ease my body and exhale when I try to stretch my knees. I think it’s better to change it. 

3 | Upward Dog  (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

Upward Dog.jpgvia LoveMyYoga

I must confess that my back really hurt sometimes when I do this pose, however , it has become better since I started practising this pose more often. But you can do Upward Dog pose also if you want to firm your buttocks or just relieve mild depression.

How to do it: Find yourself some comfortable place, where you can lie down without anything bumpy or whatever could be uncomfortable for you. Then lie prone on the floor with your legs stretch back and feet up. Now bend your elbows and spread your finger on the floor (it’s important to find a good position for your palms because it’ll help you lift your body). Then slowly, with inhaling, lift your body up to your belly and hold on for a few second with a head facing up (your chest should be between arms). Then, with exhaling, come back into the base pose. And repeat.

Tip: I found out that is good when you start in small parts. If it is uncomfortable for the back or if it hurts, don’t bend your back so hard.

So, these are my recommendations to you, if you want to start with yoga or just relieve your bad mood. It really works. Try and you’ll see.

Please, feel free to share with me your experiences with yoga and I’ll be also glad when you’ll share your favourite pose. 

Namasté everyone xx


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  1. Salutations to the Sun! 😛

    • Lucie

      Yeah, it’s a good pose too. 😉

  2. Backbends are great to boost mood and energy 🙂

    • Lucie

      I see. Thank you for your tip. 🙂 How many times a day do you do yoga?

      • So I practice yoga about five to six times a week… Each session is for 60-90 minutes 🙂

        • Lucie

          Interesting. And do you have your fav pose? 🙂

          • I love waterfall, headstand and wheel

          • Lucie

            Waterfall? Wow, I’ve never heard about it, but looks really cool.

          • Also known as “flipping your dog”

  3. Wow! i will definitely try this one.

    • Lucie

      Yeah, you should! Do you do yoga?

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