Ultimate DIY Home Spa Day

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DIY Home Spa Day

If you like to pamper yourself and make yourself a pleasure then you definitely appreciate this little spa guide. Because I am going to make myself a nice day, who is with me? 

To be honest, I don’t do that as often as I want it to, but still, I think it’s important to have this kind of day at least one a month. You know, the ‘me day’ when everything you do, do for yourself, enjoy every moment of this day and feel like you’re in another world. Are you still with me?

You’re a woman (or a man) and you have to treat with yourself as a woman. So, create yourself your best ‘I’m a girl’ playlist and let’s make the best ‘me day’ ever.

1| Have a relaxing bath

There is nothing better than having a nice bath. Turn the music on and light candles. To get best of your bath, you can add bath salt or you can make your own DIY Rose Bath Bombs. You can also try this Blueberry Lemon Body ScrubPersonally, I recommend a lavender essence because it has a really positive and relaxing effect.

2| ‘Whip your hair back and forth’

Just like Willow Smith did it in her video.  If you’re like it or not, hair is important for women and we have to take care of them. So, don’t forget to get your hair the best moment. Don’t hurry and enjoy the present moment of your awesomeness.

Quick tip: If your hair is always greasy then apply a shampoo only on your scalp and a conditioner only from your ears down to the ends. 

3| Take a manicure and pedicure

Do you like DIY nail designs? Then why do not do one? Just turn Pinterest search on and find cool nail design. We’re women and we want shine not only with our clothes but also with our awesome nail design (which took us at least 5 hours). Let’s inspire by Aztec Nail Design or White Chevron Negative Space Nail Design

Love yourself right not, wherever you’re at.  – Jen Sincero

4| Give yourself the best massage

You’re an amazing person which means you need the best treatment. And who else but you can give yourself the best? There are a lot of exercises you can do, but what about to try a finger yoga? That sounds good, right? Actually, I do this and it really works. Here are a few tips how to do that:

  • for better motivation: Just put the tip of the little finger, ring finger and thumb together (the other fingers are stretched) and lay them freely on your thighs. Arms are freely too.
  • for good ideas: Clasp hands at stomach level while your index fingers and thumbs are pressed and other fingers are crossed. And as always, don’t forget to breathe.
  • for easing: press your index fingers, cross thumbs and lock other fingers to make a hollow place between your palms. Then ten times inhale and exhale and focus on exhaling. After that, stretch your arms up and turn your palms up. Now again, ten times inhale and exhale, but now focus on inhaling. Repeat this three times.
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5| Soften your hands and feet

I must confess that my hands and feet are quite dry, especially after the shower. So, I turned Pinterest search on and find some DIY scrubs. Heck yeah, there are plenty of them, but I found an easy one made with sugar and olive oil. Just mix them and then apply on your hands and feet. Leave it for 5 minutes and wash it off. My hands were extremely soft after this.

6| It’s a lunch time

Hope you are hungry after this awesome day. Because we’re what we eat and in our wonderful ‘me day’ we shouldn’t forget about the healthy food too. So, maybe you’ll appreciate this super cool Turkey and Cheese Crescent Rolls or cute Eggo Waffle Breakfast Pizza. I also love these 2-Ingredient Froyo Bites and these delicious Mini Tortilla PizzasJust choose what you love and create your awesome day more awesome with improving your cooking skills.

Okay, girls. Our amazing ‘me day’ is at the end and I hope you enjoyed because I did! Don’t forget to repeat this process at least one a month because you’re amazing and as an amazing person, you need the best treatment.

And what about you? How often do you make these ‘me day’ moments? What are your tips? Feel free to share them with us.
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DIY Home Spa Day



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    Thank you Chaza! You should make ‘me day’ often, it’s good for you health. 🙂

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