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People  who know me, know that I am quite introvert which means I like people but I also love my alone moments when a tea is my drug and everything around me turns into inspiration. When I don’t have to bother what is my outfit looks like and my breasts are chillin’ (because it’s just better without the bra).

Don’t get me wrong. I like being around people, talking with them and laughing with them, but time to time we all need this – the alone moment. When we realise what we actually want – our preferences – and why we do what we do regardless if you are introvert or not. By the way, being an introvert isn’t so boring as you may think. But about this topic in the next post.

Maybe, there is a reason why most of us think that loneliness or ‘being alone’ is something bad or it has something to do with embarrassment. I think today’s society is quite extrovert (even though the amount of technology), so it’s expected that you don’t stay at home on Saturday night ALONE. But loneliness isn’t a bad word or even something that should be boring if you know how this feel turns into the relaxing and funny thing.

So, let me show you, why being alone isn’t such a bad thing and how to turns this moment into chill and productive time.

Reason  1| You can be naked and nobody really cares

Okay, I’ve never done this before. Maybe a few times, but I mean, you know that feel when you can wear only your bra and underwear or just the underwear. I am sure you know this and it’s the reason no. 1 I love being alone sometimes.

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Reason 2| You can dance wherever you want and however you want

This is my favourite because I actually do this every time I am alone. I just turn the music and dance like there is a demon in my body. Sometimes, it’s really funny and scary at the same time. If you’ve never done this, you should definitely try this one.

Reason 3| You can get out of your bad anytime you want 

I am the morning person in my family (except on my grandma, she gets up at 4am), so I usually get up about 7am. And every time my parents always ask me why I get up so early. You should sleep. Go sleep. 
There were times, I used to get up at 10am, so the questions were little different but the point is the same. Nobody really cares what time you get up when you’re alone.  Yey.

Reason 4| You can sing and nobody becomes deaf (maybe you cat or dog)

Let’s be honest, I am a really really bad singer and because I am generous I try to avoid singing on the public (maybe sometimes I get carried away). So, when I am alone, I always use the situation to perform my ‘talent’ to my cat or to my fishes. You know, it’s stress relieving.

Reason 5| You can cook what do you want (or order the pizza)

Since I’ve graduated from the high school, my cooking skills are much better than before. And when I have an opportunity to cook for myself, I take it and make myself some delicious food.

Reason 6| You’re more creative

When I am alone at home, I get some super power to create new things. I don’t know why is that so, but I love when I can create without limits and my ‘alone moment’ allows me to do that. I just grab a paper and a pen and wait what comes next.

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Reason 7| There is nobody who can yell on you when you make a noise

I bet you know the situation where you do something as quiet as possible and then the situation when your mum does the same thing but as loud as she can. I think we all know that. But when you are alone, who actually cares? Make a noise as much as you want.

Reason 8| You train your independence

This is what we all want in our twenties – the independence. But some of us may not know how to use it or what should we do with it. Being alone sometimes can improve how we actually treat with this gift or even how to use it, because, in the end, we all want to be independent.

See, being alone may not be always the worst option. When you’re alone you can find out something new about yourself or discover new ‘superpower’ that has always been in you or just cook something you wanted to try. Don’t be scared to be alone sometimes, because you never know what can you find.

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Now, it’s your turn! What is the craziest thing you did when you was alone at home? I am looking forward to hearing all from you.

8 Reasons I Like Being Alone


Twenty-year student based in the Czech Republic. She admires everything minimal and floral. And she is also a big bookworm.


  1. Tami

    I love this list! Some of those things are funny, but they’re all true. Especially number 6 – I feel like I’m way more creative and can get so much more stuff done in my alone time. 🙂

    • Lucie

      Exactly! Thank you for stopping by Tami. 🙂

  2. SAME! I love being alone. Not gonna lie, I have not left my apartment once today ahaha (this isn’t my usual I swear). But yes yes, I agree with all of this.

    xo~ Jaycee

    • Lucie

      Super cool! I think being alone isn’t bad. Thank you for stopping by JC.

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