Quick Blogging Tips: Things To Do Before You Publish Your Next Post (+Checklist)

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Over the years, blogging has taught me a lot of useful things. From online to offline world. Today, I want to share a few things that I’ve learned (and still learning) from publishing my blog posts and what you don’t forget to check.

When I first start blogging I was so enthusiastic about publishing posts that sometimes it was quite overwhelming and even worst I often forgot to do some important things before I actually hit ‘Publish’. So, then my posts looked quite messy and they weren’t SEO friendly neither. On this quick blog post, I want to pass a few helpful tips that might help you with your next blog post.

Note: Don’t forget to do this every time you will write your blog post and repeat the whole process two times.


1| Write a catchy title

This is something that makes your blog post special. This is something that firstly catch reader’s eyes. So, do your best at this point. If you have no idea what to write in the title section, you can use one of the title generators. My favourites are ContentIdeator, Content Row or HubSpot Blog Topic Generator. On Pinterest, you can find also a lot of title checklists you can use for your blog post.

2| Check your grammar mistakes and spelling

Yeah, I know. This is the most boring one on this list. But it’s the most important if you want to make sure your amazing blog post hasn’t any grammar mistakes or any deficiency. And if you are in the same situation as me and sometimes make mistakes in grammar or spelling, make sure you will download an amazing app called Grammarly’. This guy saves my time every time I write my blog post.

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3| Categorise

Nah, how someone can forget to categorise? Yeah, I know, but it’s possible. Time to time, we can all forget this – after all, we’re just humans. Then, make sure your next step will be to choose the right category for your post. And why categorise is so important? Imagine you make a new post about cooking and somebody who reads this post might be interesting in another cooking post. So, he clicks on the category and he can find other posts on this topic. And this is really good for you because the deeper reader goes, the most likely they come back to your blog.

4| Make your post SEO friendly

To be honest, this is not what I did when I started my blog. SEO is still quite complicated part of blogging for me but I am learning. Make your post SEO friendly means you’ll optimise our blog post for search engining to find you easily on Google etc. And this is why there a lot of useful plugins that you can use for the blog. I use SEO Ultimate which is really good for optimising. Another well-known and effective WP plugin is Yoast SEO which can provide you also a lot of effective ways how to optimise the blog post.

That also goes for pictures. Make sure you fill the ‘alt’ text to your images. This text is important for your Pinterest image description, which means when somebody pins your images, the ‘alt’ text will appear right bellow. Also, don’t forget to use keywords. 

Make sure your amazing blog post hasn’t any grammar mistakes or any deficiency.

5| Ready your images for Pinterest

If you use Pinterest then this point is quite important for you. And how these images look like? Well, mostly they are vertical (735×1102) with the text. For this, I use Canva where you find a lot of designs from social medias to ads.

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Tip: To make it easier for your readers, create your own Pinterest ‘Pin It button’. There a lot of plugins how to do that. 

6| Check your links

When you add some links to your post, sometimes can happen that some of them can’t work in the right way (it’s not opening in a new window or it’s a wrong link anyway). So, your task is to check all your links in the post and fix them if they’re broken.

7| Schedule the post

If you’re not writing the blog post on the last minute, scheduling is the way how to automatize your blog without worrying that your awesome blog post won’t be published.

And my bonus tip is: 8| Always add a question on the end of the post to engage your readers.

What is your ‘before publishing’ ritual? Do you do anything special? Feel free to share with me your tips in comments.

Quick Blogging Tips: Thinggs To Do Before You Publish Your Next Post


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