10 Ways To Feel Beautiful Right Now (Even If You Don’t Feel Like It)

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But there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark. You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are. And you don’t have to change a thing… – Alessia Cara: Scars To Your Beautiful

Note: If you are a man, please, share this with your woman.

Okay, so if you feel ugly or sad or stuck right now, stop it, please! I mean it. A. it is not good for your health and B. you don’t look good when you’re frowning.

I get it. It’s easy for me to sit here and tell you that you should stop feeling sad or bad, that you’re beautiful and look like it was that easy. *snap fingers*. Like it was something that everybody is capable of.

I get it and I completely understand that feel beautiful is really hard when you have big arms, you’re too small (or too tall) you don’t have nice shiny hair,  you’re too crooked and your eyes are too close or you have acne on a whole of your face.

BUT try to understand this: You’re the only person who is responsible for how you feel, how you look and how you act. So, stop thinking like that and get your positive pants on. Because after all, you’re the only one who create your own reality.

Still not convinced? Okay, and how about this.

I have a few ways how you can feel beautiful right now right here even if you don’t feel beautiful at the moment. Some of them can make you beautiful immediately and some of them take a time but they will definitely boost your confidence. Because I want to show you that you actually matter.

1| Do your sexy hairstyle

This is something I found out as a real confidence booster. It may sound quite non-confidence at all, but tell me, how you feel when your hair is quite ruffled and greasy, hmm? I assumed not like Beyonce, right? But we want it. So, try to play with your hair and create a masterpiece. If you are a busy girl, you can check my hair hacks post to help you with it.

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2| Get dressed

You don’t have to be invited to the cool party or to the wedding. You can dress just for yourself, even if you’re home and read a book. Choose a comfy pant (but not that with the big hole in it) and the t-shirt you always wanted to wear and feel like a star. It is that easy.

3| Remeber your posturebeuty

This is something that takes a time to learn. Maybe you’re the girl who always hears something like: ‘Sit upright!’ Or: ‘Don’t stoop!’ (and to be honest, I hear this always) but it is true that the posture makes a lot when you want to feel confidence. So, stand up straight. Head up and feel like a queen.

4| Appreciate your flaws

Because ‘Nobody’s perfect’ – you know the song, right? So, grab these flaws and embrace them as a reminder of your awesomeness. Transform them into new strengths.

5 | Dance in front of the mirror

Turn the music on and volume up because this is for you, girl! Dance like there was a devil inside of your body and nobody couldn’t stop you. This is something I do quite often when I am at home alone and I love the freedom of this. So, don’t be shy and discover the beauty in you.

6| Share you wisdom

Another way how to appreciate your beauty is by sharing what you already know. Because there are other insecure girls who need your advice how to feel beautiful. Right a book or a blog post, it doesn’t matter. Just share what you’ve learned because you never know who needs your kind words.

…grab these flaws and embrace them as a reminder of your awesomeness. Transform them into new strengths.

7| Appreciate your body and mind

Although it sounds like something impossible, it is absolutely easy to make this. Just find at least three things you love about yourself and learn to love them, show them and speak highly of them. Give them your love and make yourself proud of them. Because when you see the beauty, everybody sees the beauty too. That’s it.

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8| Remind your inner critic what you’ve achieved

There is nobody in the world who worked hard and experienced those horrible and beautiful things than you. You have to remind yourself what you’ve actually achieved, what you’ve done and what you’ve sacrificed to create the life you have. When you will feel inferior, write down every single achievement you’ve ever get and embrace them.

9| Make love (or talk)

Find the way how you can express what you feel, for example, by making love (or talk if you’re still looking for your love). Because making love makes you completely free and fearless. Show the other half how beautiful you can be and what you’re capable of.

10| And smile

Cry when you want to cry, because it’s okay. Scream when you want to scream, because that’s okay too. But remember to smile after all these sh*ts you experienced because after all there will nothing left only our smile. Please, remember that.

Being beautiful isn’t just about the label you choose to wear or how many lipsticks you own; being beautiful is mainly about the inner beauty and about your feelings. It’s up to you how you create your own reality, so don’t make it sad or bad.

What are you struggling with to feel beautiful? Have you some cool tricks how to feel confidence? Share them with me, please.

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10 Ways To Feel Beautiful Right Now (Even If You Don't Feel Like It)


Twenty-year student based in the Czech Republic. She admires everything minimal and floral. And she is also a big bookworm.


  1. These are nice tips 😊

    • Lucie

      Thanks Kat. I am glad you like it. 🙂

  2. These are all great tips! I especially love the dancing in front of the mirror!

    • Lucie

      This is my favourite haha 🙂 Thank you.

  3. What a great list! I especially appreciate, “Remember your posture,” and “Smile!” Those things really do make me feel much better 🙂 Thanks for the list!

    • Lucie

      That’s the most important: Smile even if you don’t have a reason haha. 🙂 Thank you Patricia

  4. Amanda

    I dance in front of the mirror all time… it really does help! HAHA! Thanks for the great tips Lucie.

    • Lucie

      That’s awesome, Amanda! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

  5. These are all such fantastic tips! <3

    • Lucie

      Haha, thank you Susannah! I am really glad you like it. 🙂

  6. ‘Remind your inner critic what you’ve achieved’ YASSSSSS, this has now been added to the inspiration board! Great post!

    • Lucie

      That’s GREAT! What else is in your inspirational board? I am curious, haha. Thank you for being here. 🙂

  7. Katie

    love love love love love it!!!

    • Lucie

      Thank thank thank you haha 🙂

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