Types Of People You Will Meet In College

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College Life: Types of College Classmates

I am not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it. -Art Williams

So, I officially made my first week at university and I feel good about it. On the other hand, being a student isn’t as easy as somebody may think and there a few things that can make newbies scared. One of them may be the meeting people.

For me, it is something that makes me crazy and I don’t feel confident about it but when you get over this shyness, you can meet some interesting people. Some of them will become your friend and will save your ass and some of them will be just a burr under the saddle for your entire university time… ehmm these are the worst.

And although I don’t like when somebody lumps all people together, from my recent watching I’ve recognized some specific types of uni people you can actually meet at university.

I want to say that none of these isn’t meant to be offensive or something like that. 

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1| The know-it-all

These are able to make me really uncomfortable (and stupid at the same time) since they have an endless need to flood you with their knowledge and how perfect they actually are.

Tip: My advice is to never argue with this guy unless you don’t want to feel stupid and don’t want to ruin your day.

2| The unpredictable ghost

When you meet someone like that, make sure you can trust this guy. They may be as quite as a mouse but you know what they say: ‘Still waters run deep’ and you never know what these types are capable of.

Tips: Be careful who you trust. 

3| The cool guy

I like this type because they don’t need anything special just a few other cool guys around themselves. They’re a good company when you need a pep talk or just cheer up and you can be sure that you can count on them.

Uni Life: Types Of People You Will Meet At University

4| The richer

To be honest, I have nothing against the rich people/students. I think they are cool sometimes and they can give you a good life or money lesson. But sometimes, I just wonder if there is a chance I could find this super sexy top also in my local secondhand.

Tips: Don’t lump all rich people together. 

5| The who-cares guy

Being a phlegmatic person have some pros and one of them is that you don’t have to care mostly about anything. And this is exactly the who-cares type of student. They can be cool but when it comes to the responsibility and timekeeping, let’s say they just don’t care.

Tips: Don’t much count on these types because you mostly get in the trouble because of their careless. But they can be a really good person when you look for the small relaxation.


6| The party-hard dude

This guy is able to speak about his last party-hard night really long time. He can describe you how he spent the whole night by vomiting and with the hangover and think it’s actually funny and interesting at the same time.

Although I am a big fan of staying home and watching movies, time to time I also like meeting new people and I think a university is a good place where to start. Maybe you will meet some of these types and maybe you will discover a new one. Anyway, don’t be scared and give it a try.

Which types of people did you meet at university? Let me know because I am excited to hear them all!


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  1. Sarah

    Great post. I definitely got to meet all these type of people in my university as well. And I agree with you, definitely don’t rely on who-cares guy, especially when you’re doing a group projects!

    • Lucie

      Thank you, Sarah! I am glad you like this post. There is nothing worst doing projects with these types of people haha. 🙂 What do you study at university?

  2. Göze

    I’m going to be a university student in 2018. I’m an high school student and all these guys are in my class. And without a girl I don’t trust anyone in my class they are too mealy-mouthed. Sorry 🙁 and I’m worrying about “how can I get new friends in university…. even can I get any friends?? ” 🙁 🙁 they’re gossiping about everything whatever the type of student. All of them are gossiping about every single and unnecessary thing. And I feel uncomfortable in this class…. even in this school 🙁 bcos 90%of students are like this 🙁 have you got any advices to me? If you want to answer???

    • Lucie

      Göze, again, thank you for your thoughts. However, this was my problem, too. I wrote “was” on purpose because I found out that having one true friend you can trust is much better than having thirty but everybody is fake. 🙂 So, keep that girl who you trust and don’t leave her out haha. This is my advice for you as a new university student.

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