A Small Talk On Woman’s Hard Time

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A Small Talk On Woman's Hard Time

This post is not sponsored by anybody and I will get anything from this post. It is just a help to the woman who makes a nice thing. 

Dear mother nature,

I’d like to cancel my monthly subscription.

Sooo… yeah today I am going to speak about the period. But it’s because I want to introduce you something really cool and something that will save the life of every woman every month.

Let’s be honest.

The period is really sucked and has the ability to change women in killing monsters (no offence ladies – we’ve all been there). Simply this is not us and we know that however, we’re still capable of amazing things (cooking, doing laundry, doing sports or studying for exams). But sometimes we just need to unwind and relax from these strugglings.


And so, here it comes the amazing PERIOD PACKAGE!

What the hack…?

Well, it’s your first-period aid kit, girl. This amazing package is from Maria, who wants to ‘help women feel better during their periods and make things convenient and comfortable for them. 

This package will contain usual period supplies (pads/tampons) and there will be also 3 or 4 amazing surprises to help you feel comfortable and take a better care of yourself. It will be sent it to you each month. The period package will always have the same supplies but the surprises will be different (Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yeah, it does!)

The reason, I’ve decided to tell you about something like that, is that I really like the idea and the generosity of Maria and her team. The period is something unwanted but important. So, here is my recommendation and I believe that you will give it a try.

And don’t worry, you won’t get the raw deal! 

Question time: What is your hack to beat the period? Share them with us.



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  1. annapos

    Klikla si mladá dívka na můj blog? Děkuji, sice nemám již k tématu co říci, ta doba, kdy jsem měla, je velice dávno pryč, i přesto ale zdravím a přeji zdraví, i při menses všem dívkám, co mají odvahu a vycestují za snem až do Indie.

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