8 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties

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10 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties

Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living. – The travel channel

We may not realise it but at these times, we have so many opportunities to travel. Thanks to good transport and some very useful site (like Airbnb or Couchsurfing), exploring the beauties of the world have never been easier.

Although travelling in the twenties can be quite hard (money, time or the study), there are places that definitely worth visiting at least in our life.

I want to share with you a few nice (and maybe not so expensive) places, that we should visit in our twenties. Not all of them are for everybody but maybe you will find the right for you.

1| Nepal

Nepal is well-known for its colourful flags and also for the highest mountain – Mt. Everest.  But it is also an amazing place for all kinds of travellers  because prices are low – for the lunch you pay about 100 NP which is about 1 $ (if you don’t stay in a hotel or don’t want to get to the mountains, then the prices are different) and get from A to B is not so so hard because the transport is cheap, too.

10 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties: Nepal

2| India

India is an amazing country but I think it is not for everybody. It differs in many things from culture trough education to the history. But in my opinion, the main reason, why people come here, is because they want to find ‘yourself’ and maybe the reason why were they born.

10 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties / India

3| Amsterdam

Amsterdam is well-known for its amazing coffee but it’s not just about the coffee. As a student, you can try, for example, travel by bike because it is quite cheap and besides that, you will explore the city. But don’t worry, you can do this on your feet too.

Accommodation is not the cheapest thing in Amsterdam (it can be about 30€ and at the weekend it can be double). So, you can use Couchsurfing or Airbnb, that may offer you something cheaper.

8 reathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties / Amsterdam

4| Budapest

If you a gourmet, you will definitely appreciate Hungarian cuisine. It mostly uses pepper with exotic tinge. You should not miss its food (I tried it once and it wasn’t so bad. Although, it isn’t for everybody).

Budapest is a quite cheap city. The menu costs mostly about 1000 forint which is about 4 $ (and this is not so bad).

8 reathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties / Budapest

5| New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful and interesting country. I would say that this will appreciate mostly travellers who love nature and multi-day trips.  And guess what: New Zealand is also one of the cheapest country, where you can travel for a penny.

8 reathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties / New Zealand

6| Indonesia

Being a traveller in Indonesia is not so bad. You can get with 15  $  per day. You should not miss sightseeing and maybe try to go shopping to local markets. And for those, who love hiking, can hike up one of the many volcanoes in Indonesia.

8 reathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties / Indonesia

7| Kraków

Kraków is a city which offers you a lot of things to do. But make sure that in the summer, you will rather plan your trip, because Kraków at this time is really crowded.

Unfortunately, Kraków has the quite sad history as for the World War II. In Kraków, there was a concentration camp Auschwitz where died a lot of people. But there are also nice places like Rynek Glóvny – a big market.

As for prices, Kraków is not so expensive but it’s better when you book a hotel as soon as possible.

8 reathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties / Kraków

8| Bolivia

When somebody says Bolivia, I think about the largest salt flat called Salar De Uyuni, but also known as ‘The biggest salt mirror’ in the world.

However, an accommodation in Bolivia is average and it’s about 10 – 35 USD. But you can taste local food for 5 – 10 USD, which is not so bad when you consider that Bolivia is not the richest city and it mostly plagued by wars.

8 reathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties / Bolivia

Hope you found out this list as a useful one and I wish you (and myself) to travel as many places as possible.

All these images were used from BucketListly, Unsplash and Tumblr.


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8 Breathtaking Places To Visit In Our Twenties



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  1. I’m well past my 20s and haven’t been to any of these spots! But if I had to do it again…! I have a number of these locations on my “to visit” list — love it!

    • Lucie

      Thank you, Patricia. I am glad you like it. 🙂

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