A Few Favourite Essentials Of Fall Lover

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A Few Fall Essentials Of Fall Lover

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It’s time for a new adventure. – Autumn

I had no intend to write a post today but when I opened WeHeartIt and saw so many nice and cozy pictures of fall, I can’t help myself. Plus it’s cold outside (baby) and I am here, writing this post in my cozy blanket with the hot tea in my hand. So, this is a perfect time to write a post like this.

I don’t know if I mentioned this to you but I LOVE fall and there are nothing better than nice smelling candles and cozy blankets to cover yourself with. Oooh, how I enjoyed these evenings… 

But with rainy and cloudy weather fall can bring also a bad mood or sometimes even worst, depression. However, fall doesn’t have to be necessarily depressed and moody.

And so, want to share with you a few favourite essentials that make my fall rainy evenings even better.

1| Candles candles everywhere

I think it does not need any explanation. Candles are life (and fall) savers and they should be on every woman’s desk. I personally can recommend you Yankee candles. I have tried some scents they offer but I was really satisfied with Strawberry and Lavender (for better sleeping).

2| One cup of tea, please

What is your favourite fall drink? I think that my is a hot orange tea and hot chocolate milk. Take a few minutes for myself is what I need after long studying day.

3| Cozy blanket

Big cozy warm blanket never gets old. It is something that I use  almost on daily basis. With my favourite book and tea with my hand, we make a nice couple (or a threesome?).

4| Big big sweaters

And I, of course, don’t have to forget on big warm sweaters! Being a woman has some advance  and of them that even if you have a bigger size of everything you still look cute. Right?

5| Fall DIYs and pumpkins

To be honest, I haven’t done any fall decoration this year, yet. But I feel that it will come. However, I carved pumpkins and I am so excited how they look but they are slowly dying in cold and dark winter. RIP my little pumpkins. 

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Don’t forget to let me know what are your essentials for fall. I can’t wait to read them all.



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    • Lucie

      Thanks, Jessica, for sharing and reminding me blanket scarves. I totally forgot to add them to my list haha. 🙂

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