4 Ways To Declutter Your Mind On This Holiday Season

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If it doesn’t matter, get rid of it. – Anonymous

We all know that Christmas rush that always “surprise” us unprepared and in a hurry. There a lot of things that aren’t done yet: gifts for parents and friends, Christmas decoration and tree or cookies that won’t bake by itself.

So, we eagerly waiting until this horrible holiday season finally ends and we can just sit and utter a sigh: “Ugh, finally the end.”

And so, instead of enjoying this nice cozy time, where everything is bright and merry, we are in constant stress of making everything perfect and smooth.

It sounds familiar? Well, welcome and keep reading because I would like to share with you my little secret on how I declutter my mind even if I am in the big Christmas rush.

The first thing I do, when I feel like stressing out is:

1. Write it down

I think this is something most of us underestimate and make light of it. However, it’s an amazing way how to unwind and calm down your mind when everything seems to fall apart.

Just grab a paper and write every single thing you need to do or buy until Christmas. Whatever it is, buying gifts, decorating your house or baking cookies. For making sure you will do everything from your list, you can add a specific day you want to have the thing done.

2. Practice gratitude

Some of you, who find the way to read my blog at least once in a month, know that I have a strong liking for gratitude.

You know, I think that our brain is mostly overloaded with thoughts on things that we don’t have but we want them so much. And so, we feel unsatisfied and unhappy that we are not able to actually focus on things we already have – the most important things such as love, friendship, time to do what we want or even the small amount of money we can use to make our beloveds happy.

Practising gratitude is really hard and it required a strong will. I know that because I try to be grateful as much as possible. And maybe practising gratitude is hard because we are too materialistic. However, try to stop at least for five minutes and tell yourself what you’re grateful for.

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3. Reorder your priorities

Lately, I was thinking about my priorities and I found out that they change, and it’s good. However, in a more general sense, it’s good to have some sort of list of stable priorities that make you calm and you can always count on them.

4. Don’t do multitasking

As a woman, I have the ability to multitask which mean I am able to write an essay with my right hand, cook with my left one and on top of that call my mum how’s it going at school.

Although it sounds as a really cool superpower, when it comes to our mind, it isn’t. Time to time, we need to give our mind a break and just unwind.

So instead of doing five things at one time, try to choose one thing and focus on that. By choosing one exact thing you’re more perceptive and focused.

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4 Ways To Declutter Your Mind This Holiday


Twenty-year student based in the Czech Republic. She admires everything minimal and floral. And she is also a big bookworm.


  1. I agree with you, every single one of these tips are so essential!

  2. Bidisha

    Lovely post. Practising gratitude is the first and foremost thing one should do every single day but unfortunately most of us have forgotten to imbibe this habit in us or donot care to be grateful. Thanks for sharing !☺

    • Lucie

      Thanks for stopping by, Bidisha!

  3. Dalal

    Seems like you wrote my 2017 for me :p I know I should write things down it makes my life so easy but I can’t do it consistently … 🙁

    • Lucie

      Thanks, Dalal. I am glad you like the post. Anyway, I think it’s okay not to do it every day. Write everything down just in case you really need it.

  4. Cori

    My brain dump / random notes notebook has been my best friend this Christmas season. I wrote almost every thought down JUST IN CASE, because you know the few I didn’t I still can’t remember.

    • Lucie

      I like the name of the notebook haha! But it sounds like a really good idea. Thanks for sharing, Cori.

  5. Gunveen

    Hey Lucie..👋🏻
    I read you want to go to India.. That’s where I live..💗💫 You’ll love the people out here.. Buddhism is quite interesting.. Like it literally teaches you how to live your life.. I know about Buddhism only a bit (read in books at school) coz I’m not a Buddhist of course..🙆🏻 You will love India for sure, though it requires a bit of decluttering (I can say)😅😉


    • Lucie

      Haha, thank you for some details. 🙂 I would like to visit India one day and so I hope my dream become true. Also, thanks for letting me know.

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