How Procrastination Can Be Productive & How To Procrastinate Effectively?

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How Procrastination Can Be Productive & How To Procrastinate Effectively?

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a verb

  1. to keep delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring

Okay, so now, when we’re clear on what procrastinate means, let’s get move to the whole point of this post. But firstly (yeah a got ya), let me tell you, why I think procrastination isn’t so bad.


Firstly, watch this TEDtalk video about procrastination to understand what I will talk about (and also because it’s quite funny) and then come back to read this post.


Secondly, if you watched the video welcome back and now finally, let’s get started.


I bet we all know what procrastination is because we experienced (or will experience) this moment of ‘doing nothing and postponing all important things on another time’ at least once in our life. I also bet that we all regretted (or will regret) this moment. And I think that’s fine but I want to tell you a news: You don’t have to.

Let’s make things clear at this point. First, I don’t say procrastination is right and secondly, I even don’t want to make procrastination one of the best habits you can have, but procrastination has its own beauty and power to make us creative if we know, how to procrastinate right.

Oh my god, girl…you can’t be serious?! Actually, I am serious and I believe that procrastination isn’t so bad as many people think.

Once I read a book about how to end with procrastination. It was actually good until I realised that I can’t not procrastinate. I mean, I am a person who needs to do something all the time, BUT there are times when I need just procrastinate. And I am not ashamed to admit this thing. BECAUSE I think we all need this procrastination time in our life at least once a week because a) it’s healthy for our body and mind and b) it’s a creative time!

Procrastination has its own beuty and power to make us creative.

Really, who isn’t more creative when he actually has more time? Me, and I know you too. So, don’t be afraid to procrastinate sometimes. It isn’t so bad.

But you need to do it right to procrastinate in a creative way. And here are some tips how to do that effectively.


1| Always had a piece of paper with youWhy procrastination isn't so bad?

This is the most important tip from of all these. Creativity doesn’t choose the right time, she just happens and you need to be prepared. So, find yourself a piece of paper or diary or notebook and carry it with you. Even if you’re watching Netflix.

2| Check social media

Yeah, that’s right. Actually, you do this for your creativity because where else you can find inspiration than on social media. Turn Facebook (or whatever) on and do your passive research. Write everything you will come to your mind.

3| Write a friend

There is a possible chance that your friend will get you out of this procrastination moment and you will go to get some coffee. And then you will maybe clean your room and response on some emails. Who knows.

4| Clear you desktop

You will do that for yourself and your ‘future you’ will thank you. You can change your wallpaper and make some new folders for your pictures and documents. And don’t forget to have your piece of paper with you.

5| Get out

You can ride a bike or read a book but get out on the fresh air because it’s good for you, for all of us. Take with you your piece of paper too.

6| Watch TEDtalks

There are a lot of super cool and inspirational talks that are worth watching when you are in your procrastination mood.

Tip: I recommend to you my currently favourite: Draw your future by Patty Dobrowolski or Life is easy by Jon Jandai.

As you see, procrastination can’t be so frustrated and you can’t feel bad about it. We all need sometimes to procrastinate to make some things clear and create new priorities. So, don’t feel bad about something that isn’t done in time. If it’s not something really really important or you don’t feel it’s a right time to do that then procrastinate because you deserve it.

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How do you procrastinate? Are you feel productive while doing nothing or you feel bad? Let me know in comments.

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How Procrastination Can Be Productive & How To Procrastinate Effectively?


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