An Ode To A Perfect Cozy Night & Favourite Essentials

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An Ode To A Perfect Cozy Night & Favourite Essentials


Life is so much easier when you just chill out. – Anonymous

Sometimes, we all want (and need) to spend a quality time with ourselves without feeling quite sh*tty about that.

Just be a little bit selfish and create that chill out night with our favourites things by the side.

When I was little, I took a nap all days. Without regrets or giving a damn. Because when you are a small child, you actually don’t ask if you can chill out and play with toys – you just do it.

For everybody “chill out night” is something else. For somebody, it could be Netflix and popcorn with the best mate and for somebody else, it could be cozy blanket, lighted candles and a lot of books (ehm…it would be me). One way or the other, chill out is something we should not forget about.

We shouldn’t be scared spend some quality time with ourselves – either it’s alone or with somebody. Just create that atmosphere of coziness and warmness.

Hygge. This is the right word. Did you hear about it? Actually, in my opinion, it not about the word but about the feeling that this word evokes. It’s about doing ordinary things with more mindfulness.  And this is how I see chill out nights – do ordinary things in a beautiful and special way.

When we create chill out nights, we also bring things that make these nights much cozier and chill. I mean the essentials that cannot miss in any chill out nights.

Here are my favourite essentials.

1. My computer

It may sound quite weird, but when I decide to create a nice chill out night, my computer is my essential. I can write a new post, stalk my favourite bloggers or watch some inspirational youtube videos. It depends on my mood but my computer is still with me.

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2. Candles

There is a one lighted candle right next to me (with Yankee wax called “Chill out” I think). I think this is some sort of my tradition that I have to have a lighted candle when I create a new post.

Candles has such an incredible power to make people calm down and actually chill out. So, three cheers for candles!

3. Cozy clothes

Girls, we know how uncomfortable (annoying)  bras can actually be. When I make my chill out night, there is no room for uncomfortable underwear – it’s time for cozy pyjamas or really comfortable bra (yeah, it’s possible). For example, Adore Me has a perfect option for those of us who are hard to please.

So, if you need an inspiration for your cozy nights, Adore Me is a good option. With their bras, sleepwear and (sexy) lingeries, you can have the best “me time” ever.

But I also prefer comfortable sweatpants and an XXXL t-shirt.

4. My headphones

Music has an amazing power. At this moment, I listen to an amazing song (Sia, The Greatest) and I feel like in the heaven. I LOVE music and chill out night without music isn’t chill nor night.

Here is my “Night Chill Out” playlist. Check it if you want.

5. Food… lots of food

I am not a gourmet but when it comes to eating, we don’t know each other. I like cooking but let’s say eating is better.

My boyfriend and I always make some homemade pizza (which is sometimes too homemade) or something good before we go watching movies.

Food tightens up. That’s easy.

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Your story

I would like to know what is your dream chill out night? Do you have some essentials? Let me know in comments!

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An Ode To A Perfect Cozy Night & Favourite Essentials



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