Lessons I Learned From My First Semester At The University

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The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. – B. B. King

Let me tell you that being a student is amazing.

We have so many opportunities like travelling abroad and discovering new places, student discounts (these are the best), free entries, meeting new people, gaining new pieces of knowledge and the list goes on.

When you get to the university (or college), you will notice that everything you knew about yourself, it’s not always the same – you’re different. You will realize that you are stronger or smarter than you think.

Since I became a university student, a lot of things has changed.

How I think.

How I speak.

How I see other people. 

or how I treat myself.

The first semester of my uni life I learned this.

1. multitasking

I know I know. Multitasking is not good and I should focus on one thing.

But when you get to the university, you’ll find out that multitasking is a good way how to not go crazy from all of these assignments you’ll have.

It’s basically how I learned to handle cooking a dinner and making my homework while reading my fav book.

2. nobody cares

I am that type of person who (unfortunately) cares what other people thinks (about what I wear, what I say or how I look).

At the university, nobody cares what do you wear. Most of the people have their own problems and nobody has the time to check how other people look or what they wear today.

3. budgeting

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is budgeting.

As a student, you have to know what you can afford and what not – know your priorities. You have to decide whether to buy the sexy blouse or if you want to eat next month.

It might be quite scary to be financial independent – know that you’re on your own – but thanks to living on my own I taught how to plan my budget and spend money on things that really matter.

Nothing will teach you to be more independent than being a student.

4. motivate myself

When you live with somebody, you’re quite lucky because there will be always someone who will support you on your journey.

But when you live on your own, you are the only one who knows your weak points and how to beat them. You will learn how to don’t give and go to the class (because you know you need to be there to master the Monday’s test).

I learned how to be my best mate when things fall apart.

5. who I’m not

I am 20 years old and I don’t know who I am (at least I haven’t found it yet). But I found who I’m not.

I always read articles that tell me how to find my true me and who I am. But knowing who I’m not is just as important as knowing who I am.

By trying different study techniques, I found out which type of student I am and which not – what are my strengths and interests.

6. knowing who to trust

When you get to the university, you will meet a lot of type of people

Some of them will be fine and trustworthy and some of them will be pretty assholes and…immature. It happens.

Quality over quantity, they say. And they’re right. It’s not important if you have 200 friends, but if you can trust them. Always make sure your friend is trustworthy before you will tell him a secret. This is what I have learned.

7. being an independent woman

Nothing will teach you to be more independent than being a student.

What is the biggest lesson you learned from being a student? 

Lucie xx

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Lessons I Learned From My First Semester At The University | in blue box


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  1. Foirell

    I loved this! I graduated a couple of years ago now and I couldnt agree more! My cousin will be starting university in September so I will be sharing this post with her! I learned that while uni is also for having fun and making friends, the goal is to be focused get the best possible degree I can. Great post!

    Foirell | http://www.citygirlrell.com

    • Lucie

      Thank you, Foirell! I am really glad you like it and I wish you cousin good luck with studies – being a student has a lot of advantages. Have a nice day. 🙂

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