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To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of beaing wrong. – Joseph Ch. Pearce

Since I started my blog, inspiration has become my priority number one.

Everyone who creates will tell you that keep an inspiration is quite a struggle. Actually, it’s a slog!

Time to time, inspiration can be a tricky bitch that has no mercy. It just takes a nap and you can do nothing.

So, it’s good to have someone (or something) who will remind you to keep going and don’t give up. There are a few (amazing) women (bloggers) who really inspire me in what I do.  And I would like to share they work because I think it’s worth it.

1. Bianca Bass

Let me tell frankly that Bianca is a very heartening woman.  I started reading her blog a couple months ago and I was surprised how humble she is in her posts. It was actually quite nice to find out that I am not alone in everyday (and career) strugglings.

On her blog, Bianca shares a lot of inspirational content on career, creativity and how to handle the hectic world. WhatI really admire are her writings abound with sincerity and hope. And as a twenty-something student, I need a lot of hope for a better tomorrow/world/future. 

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2. Katty Belle

There is one thing I like about Katy’s blog and it’s the originality of her posts (and herself). To be honest, I read a lot of blogs and time to time, I find the same content on each of these blogs. But when I read Katy’s blog, it’s different.

Most of her posts are really inspiring and very enriching. And to be completely honest, I love her photos, too. In fact, when I read the blog, I feel we have something in common (I am not weird, I promise) and I don’t feel lonely anymore (maybe I am weird, but in a nice way).

I believe that Katy has a lot to say and I wish her good luck with that.

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3. Jinna Yang 

So, time to time, I have that travelling mood when I want to visit every single country in the world. But as always, I find dozens of excuses to not do it. And when this happens, Jinna’s blog is my savior.

She says of herself, she is “just a normal girl” but I think she’s more than that. Jinna won my heart  (and became my travel guru) by showing her incredible courage to buy a one-way ticket to Europe and see what happens. This is something that most of us just dream about.

The best thing about Jinna and her blog is that she doesn’t let you give up on your dream and she (and other writers who contribute to this blog) inspires you to keep going. Because after all, we know it’s not just about the money. 

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Is there someone who inspires you to keep going? 

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Twenty-year student based in the Czech Republic. She admires everything minimal and floral. And she is also a big bookworm.

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