Don’t push yourself so hard

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Fall in love with taking care of yourself. – Anonymous

I have this feeling to say you this.

Don’t push yourself…

… because everybody says you should be more social, have a lot of friends and go out every Friday. There is the fact: you can’t be like this. At least, not everyday. Not when somebody tells you to do that. Be social when you feel like it. Find friends when you really truly want them. And go out when you need it.

Getting out of the comfort zone is a good thing but it works only when you want to do it because of yourself.

Don’t push yourself…

…just because they say “being a busy person” is cool. After all, we’re just humans, right? And from time to time, we need to slow down and take a break. So, I dare you: take how many breaks you want, sleep how many hours you need and work when you want to work. Being lazy sometimes is nothing bad, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Don’t push yourself…

…to have it all together. Because nobody does. At least not at his twenties.

There is nothing worst then pushing yourself so hard to find your purpose. Instead, try to do other things. You know, things you like to do and make your days better. And then everything else will follow.

Don’t push yourself…

…to think about the future so much that you forget the present.

I always try to think about the present first (don’t say I am good at it but I try) and I’ve never understood why most of the people try so hard to “work” for the future (I don’t say it’s wrong). But shouldn’t we build strong foundations in the present and after that work on the future?

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So, I begging you, don’t be so hard on yourself even if  you haven’t figure out your future yet. It’s fine.

Don’t push yourself…

…to be happy person 24/7. You’re allowed to be sad, angry or annoyed with something. You know what they say: you can’t win them all.

We all have bad days. And any “how-to-be-happy-everyday” article will not change it. We have emotions and some of them are nice and some of them are not so good. But it doesn’t make you a depressed sucker (sorry the word).

Don’t push yourself and do what you feel is right (and even what it couldn’t be). It’s your life!

What makes you happy right now?

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  1. Leslie

    These are great! I am really struggling with anxiety and trying to create a new routine, which is slow going. Reading this made me feel better!

    • Lucie

      Thank so so much, Leslie for these nice words! I wish you good luck with everything you struggle now. And don’t push yourself so hard – you do enough!

  2. Jackie

    Love this post. So true. I have to remind myself of this sometimes.

    • Lucie

      Thank you, Jackie! I am so glad you like this one. And of course, don’t forget on yourself – you’re the first!

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