Things To Do For Myself Today #2

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Things To Do For Myself Today #2 | in blue box

I am mine. Before I am ever everyone else’s. – in

There is a new Wednesday/a half Sunday! Plus spring is here. That’s a win–win, right? How do you enjoy first days of spring?

I found out that my mood change depending on the weather but I think it goes for almost everyone. However, the more sunny days, the more I feel better about myself. So, I am glad that spring is here. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, here are three things I’ll do (and you too) for myself today.

1| Bring Hygge into my home

Maybe you’ve heard something about Hygge and maybe you not. To be honest with you, I am also quite new to this style of life but it’s basically about enjoying little things in your life and make it a little bit cosier. And I love everything cosy.

I decided to find out more about this “phenomenon” (although I think it’s nothing new) and bring some Hygge right into my place.  Do you have experience with Hygge? Please, let me know in comments.

2| Slow down

…by this I don’t mean just relax but really slow down…in everything. Next time, you’ll be making yourself something delicious, try to slow down and savour every single bite.

Slow down when you speak with someone and be the listener. Maybe he/she has something interesting to tell you about. Who knows?

Slow down when you go trough the park. Maybe you’ll finally notice that tree you always pass by and find out it’s actually a nice tree.

3| Light a candle

Did I mention my addiction to candles? Yeah…so, I am addicted to candles and everything that lights.

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For me, lighting candles have become a tradition and I can’t imagine working/sleeping/reading without them on my desk (of course, if it’s possible).

I think candles are a good investment. So, don’t forget to buy yourself a nice smelling candle today and light it just for you.

What are you going to do for yourself today?

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  1. Leslie

    I love candles myself, I am burning one right now called “Marshmallow Fireside”. I need to buy more though I am currently down to two! I decided a few days ago I was going to slow myself down, I get really bad anxiety when I am in public and it is overwhelming at times, those days I don’t even leave my house. All this needs to change and I think spring is the perfect time to change it.

    • Lucie

      What do we love? Candles! Who we are? Candles addicted! 🙂 Candles are an amazing way how to slow down and be right here and right now. I remember you wrote me in latest post that you struggle with anxiety, so maybe (it’s up to you) if you’d like to talk about it, you can email me whenever you want! 🙂 Anyway, thank you so much for your comment!

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