A Letter of Thanks To Everybody I Love

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A (Small( Thanks Letter To Everybody I Love

Appreciate good people. They are hard to come by. – Anonymous

How many times has this happened to you that you forgot to appreciate your loved ones just because you were too busy?

Yeah, me too.

I think, in this time of side hustling jobs and “I-don’t-have-much-time” excuses, we totally forget to thank other people for their presence.

And so…

I would like to write a small letter of thanks to my family, my boyfriend and a few (true) friends I have. Because I think we should let our loved ones know that we love them and appreciate them!

Dear family, my boyfriend and a few (true) friends,

Thank you for believing in me because you always know that I can make it even when I want to give up. I know it’s not easy but I’m so glad you don’t give up on me!

Thank you for supporting me because you always know what to say when I’m down and nervous and stressed and frightened. From time to time, I lose that positive spark but you always have another one for me.

Thank you for taking me as I’m because sometimes I can be pretty annoying and rude but you always know that inside of me I’m a good and occasionally quite funny person. Everybody who knows me is aware of my pluses and minuses and loves me anyway.

Thank you for being patient with me because I’m not always the smartest, fastest or most positive person. But you always try to give me some space to figure out and then we actually laugh because of my stupidity.

Thank you for learning me that the world is not always black or white – it’s black and white. It’s true – I can’t have a good day without having some bad ones.

Thank you for being there for me because I have that feeling that I have to want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you for giving me that love and certainty!

Once again, thank you!

Your Lucie

I think we should not underestimate the real value of “thank you”.  Maybe next time you’re with your family or friends, don’t forget to thank them or say that you love them.

And in the middle of my chaos, there was you.

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