What It’s Like to Be an INFJ

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What It's Like To Be an INFJ | in blue box

Her intuition was her favourite superpower. – INFJ woman

*Hi, my name is Lucie and I’m an INFJ.*

This is probably the very first thing I would say to someone who would want to start a conversation with me. Of course, I’m too shy to actually say that but boy, it would be much easier (for everyone).

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but I’m totally crazy about personality tests (actually any kind of test). So when I came across this MBTI personality test (thanks to Bethany’s post), I was very excited about taking it.

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So, I did. And to be honest, I was and was not surprised by the result at the same time. I suddenly kinda felt like I finally understand why I react and behave this way (and that “it” has a name). On the other hand, when I read the profile, I was thinking if there is something wrong with me.


What it's like to be an INFJ | in blue box

As you can see, I’m INFJ-T type which is a very rare (about 1 % of the population) and quite difficult type. If it makes me feel special? A little. But as I said, as an INFJ, sometimes I feel quite like a weirdo with its own world. So, what it’s like to be an INFJ?

• I’m insightful and empathic

When I speak with you, please, don’t lie to me or don’t try to hoodwink me. I’m not a clairvoyant but I can recognise when you’re not honest with me.

Also, I don’t like when someone close to me is sad but I can share your sadness and happiness. I always find some time to listen to you.

• I always need a reason

When I do something or creating something new, I have to know WHY I do this – for what purpose – and what it means for my future path. There are nothing worst then random steps towards my goals.

• I can convince and inspire you

I’m not the best orator (in fact, I hate speaking in front of lot people) but there is a chance I’ll convince you to do something. In case I know what to say, I’m able to inspire and start you up toward your goals.

• I’m too sensitive

It’s not like I can’t stand criticism (vice versa, I’m open to criticism) but when you start challenging my effort or values, I can get angry or sad very quickly. I feel quite vulnerable to conflicts and criticism too. So, please, be patient with me.

• I want everything to be perfect

I always read articles like “get rid of the perfectionism” or “how to not be a perfectionist” but I can’t help myself. When I work on something, everything needs to be tip-top and on 110 %. Sometimes, it happens that after all the effort, I feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

• I like doing good for others

From time to time, I’m too altruistic and want to do good things for everyone around me – this is my purpose of the life. I believe that with good intentions come good world and by this, we can also improve ourselves.

So yeah, this is me. I’m Lucie and I’m an INFJ. I like it and I hate it at the same time. But I’m who I’m.

Which kind of personality are you?

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What It's Like To Be an INFJ | in blue bobx


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  1. Nancy

    Love this post and this personality test! I actually got all of my friends to take this personality test! I’m ENFJ but I definitely grew up as INFJ and definitely wouldn’t be surprised if I start to revert back to my introverted roots. I take this test once every five years and find my personality would change to reflect the external situation I am in. Are you An HSP and/or an empath?

    • Lucie

      Thank, Nancy, for your comment! I’m glad it was helpful. I think that the idea of doing this test once in while is actually very good. We change all the time. However, I don’t really know if we can change. I think it’s something like the temperament we can improve but we can’t change it – it’s already in us. I think I’m an empath. What are you?

      • Nancy

        I guess it varies by person and situation. I can see how I needed to be more extroverted for career purposes and that’s why I am an E now. I am also an empath 🙂

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