Things To Do For Myself Today #6

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Things To Do For Myself Today #6

A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for.

– Albert Einstein

Happy Wednesday!

Comfort zones – we all have one.

They bring us certainty and keep us safe. Which in itself is nothing wrong but when we get used to it too much, it can have quite bad consequences on our body, mind or even soul.

As an obstinate introvert, I don’t really enjoy doing anything connected with all insecure. I like my stereotypes and comfort zones as they are. However, at some point, you realise (I did too) this is not exactly what you want unless you don’t want to live boring and regrettable life.

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I think the comfort zone should be the place where we back when we feel sad or need to calm down – not be the place when we spend the entire life. Making small steps but I think it’s possible.

This is the reason I dedicate this day (and other days) to getting out of the comfort zone and taking all the courage to do things I love without being scared or running away. Today, I will do for myself…

1| take a new way home from the work

This thing might be easy but I know the feel when something you don’t want change. For me, it’s an uncomfortable idea but being able to improvise is good.

When I go home after my classes, I try to change different streets. It’s a good way how to find new places for relaxing or new shops for the next shopping.

2| go to lunch by yourself

The first confession time: I don’t like eating in front of others. And when it happens that I eat in public, it looks really something like that:


Anyway, I like eating and though I hate doing this in public, it’s a challenge and I fully accept it. Maybe it’s all about small steps and patience, but it’s possible.

3| call somebody

Okay, another confession time: I don’t enjoy making phone calls. Actually, I hated with all my heart. For me, it’s one of those activities that doesn’t bring me any pleasure and doing it, is actually the hell.

However, as I said, the life is about challenging ourselves and do things that aren’t easy. In fact, I started yesterday when I needed to call my so-called boss. My hands were shaking and my heart was beating vigorously. But after all, I made it and hell I felt very good!

Do you like challenges? Let’s chat.

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