5 TED Talks You Can Watch During Your Lunch Break (+they let you think)

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5 TED Talks You Can Watch During The Lunch Break (+they let your think)

My life is constantly under construction. There’s always something to improve.

I recently started watching TED talks again. It actually became part of my morning routine – every morning listen to at least one talk. I use them as an encouragement, inspiration and also as a good source of knowledge.

Why TEDtalks?


  • they’re educative –  sometimes they are better than any kind of school and have much more to say than any kind of textbooks.
  • they’re free (online) –  if you watch TEDtalks online, watching  videos is completely free; of course, there is an option of the donation
  • they’re short – I enjoy watching TEDtalks but I can’t spend every day watching them “ain’t nobody got time for that”; TEDtalks are simple, accurate and most of them are less than 10 minutes long

As I said, I can’t watch TEDtalks all day long. So I’m glad when I find a few of them that are short (like 10 minutes and less) but have something to say at the same time.

Well, I chose five talks that you can watch during the lunch break and they still leave you thinking for days.

1| How to live passionately – no matter your age by Isabel Allende (8 minutes)

Isabel is 71 years old and she is one of those people who doesn’t let herself be affected by her age. In this talk, she talks about the fear of getting old but also mentions how to actually keep on living a passionate life. It’s encouraging for every woman at any age.

2| The power of believing that you can improve by Carol Dweck (10 minutes)

It’s easy to say it’s too hard to solve a problem. But it’s actually so hard? A psychologist, Carol Dweck says that we can improve the solving process by believing we can and it’s possible.

3| Why I’m a weekday vegetarian by Graham Hill (6 minutes)

This one is my favourite. We all know the struggles of not eating meat and being a veg. Some of us always find an excuse for not doing this or it can be just the culture we grew up in. But Graham Hill has another option: what about being a weekday vegetarian?

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4| Don’t eat the marshmallow by Joachim de Posada (6 minutes)

What about someone told you your future successful life depends on if you eat the marshmallow or not? Sounds quite crazy, right? Joachim talks about the “experiment” with kids who ate the marshmallow and who didn’t and how it affected their future success.

5| Are you human? by Ze Frank (6 minutes)

In case you don’t know if you’re human or not, answer the series of questions and maybe you’ll find out.

What is your favourite TEDtalk?

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