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Ultimate Tips On How I Prepare For Final Exams

It’s here again. This unwanted part of the year full of stress and sleepless night. Yeah. Final exams. I don’t know about you but for me, May is a month of examinations and constant rush. But as strange as it may sound, I kinda enjoy this period of time. Here are tips on how I prepare…

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How I save and budget as a university student

Over time, I adopt a few ways how to handle my budget and spendings. It’s not so hard when you know how. Of course, your ways may be a little bit different but today, I would like to show you my way.

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Study smarter not harder: Learning styles & why every student should know them

We all have different ways how to take amazing notes, how to write A++ essay or how to study effectively. But studying may be also influenced by our learning styles and how we use them in our studying process.

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Back to University: How I (Don’t) Prepare Myself For a New Semester

As a decent student (haha), I read a lot of “back to university” posts and how to actually prepare myself for a new semester. And thanks to these types of post I find out how prepared I am (or mostly I am not).

So, today just a short post on how I (don’t) prepare myself for a new semester.

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Lessons I Learned From My First Semester At The University

Let me tell you that being a student is amazing.

We have so many opportunities like travelling abroad and discovering new places, student discounts (these are the best), free entries, meeting new people, gaining new pieces of knowledge and the list goes on.

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How Procrastination Can Be Productive & How To Procrastinate Effectively?

I bet we all know what procrastination is because we experienced (or will experience) this moment of ‘doing nothing and postponing all important things on another time’ at least once in our life. I also bet that we all regretted (or will regret) this moment. And I think that’s fine but I want to tell you a news: You don’t have to.

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