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Appreciate the silence & be the listener

Today, I would like to share with you just a small musing on appreciating the silence and why I love spending time in churches.

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Study smarter not harder: Learning styles & why every student should know them

We all have different ways how to take amazing notes, how to write A++ essay or how to study effectively. But studying may be also influenced by our learning styles and how we use them in our studying process.

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5 Tender Ways I Reward Myself After Busy & Long Day

When I was in primary school, my grandma always gave me something small for that nice report card I brought. It was really nice from her. But after I got to the university (without grandma by my side), I had to learn to reward myself.

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Amazing Travel Quotes That Will Inspire Your Next Trip

Some of us prefer to stay in the same place for the entire life. Live the happy life with a lot of kids and big garden.
But the other half of us can’t imagine life without exploring new places, meeting amazing people or trying new things.

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Back to University: How I (Don’t) Prepare Myself For a New Semester

As a decent student (haha), I read a lot of “back to university” posts and how to actually prepare myself for a new semester. And thanks to these types of post I find out how prepared I am (or mostly I am not).

So, today just a short post on how I (don’t) prepare myself for a new semester.

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Online Creators Who Inspire Me To Keep Going

So, it’s good to have someone (or something) who will remind you to keep going and don’t give up. There are a few (amazing) women (bloggers) who really inspire me in what I do. And I would like to share they work because I think it’s worth it.

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